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ChipGenius v4.00.1024 software Download

ChipGenius v4.00.1024 software Download
Download the latest ChipGenius v4.00.1024 2016 so you can fix USB flash drive easily .ChipGenius can determine USB flash disk information such as VID ,PID ,Chip controller ,Chip Vendor and flash drive brand .

ChipGenius v4.00.1024 software

ChipGenius v4.00.1024  is a freeware software designed to help users to extract  USB Flash disk information such as VID , PID ,Product ID ,Chip controller ,Chip brand and Flash drive serial number .ChipGenius v4.00.1024 can be used when you need to repair your broken or corrupted USB flash drives.

Chip Genius v4.00.1024 is just a tool that can help you to identify your Pen drive information so you can find the correct USB flash drive firmware . With ChipGenius tool you can fix corrupted USB flash disk ,Write protected flash drive ,fix Flash drives error messages such as "Please insert disk " ,When your flash drive volume is 0MB or 15MB and when the computer not recognize your USB flash disk .

Chip Genius v4.00.1024 is a portable software so you don't need to setup it on your PC .Just open Portable ChipGenius v4.00.1024 and use it .

How to use ChipGenius v4.00.1024 to fix USB flash drive ?

How to use ChipGenius v4.00.1024 to fix USB flash drive ?

  • As you see in the previous picture ,ChipGenius v4.00.1024  identify my Toshiba TNU-A064G 16GB and provide VID , PID ,Controller Vendor ,Controller Manufacture ,Flash drive capacity,flash disk serial number and  flash drive brand name .
  • The most important is to know the flash drive brand name, VID , PID ,Controller Vendor and Controller Manufacture .
  • First insert corrupted USB flash disk to your computer .
  • Open Chip Genius v4.00.1024 software then wait until gathering USB flash drive information .
  • Focus on the details we mentioned before then use Our website "Flash Drive Repair " to search about your flash disk firmware or you can search on Google if you don't find your firmware here .
  • You can download the new version of  ChipGenius tool from the links in below or you can download the old version of Chip Genius from here "     ChipGenius 2014    " .

Download ChipGenius v4.00.1024 software

ChipGenius v4.00.1024 software

Download Info 
                                          Program Name :  ChipGenius v4.00.1024
  Program Version : V4.00.1024
Program Size :452 KB
 Os : Windows XP, Vista,7,8,10
License : free 

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