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Toshiba TNU-A064G usb formatter

Toshiba TNU-A064G usb formatter
Download Toshiba USB Flash Memory TNU-A064G format tool .Toshiba format utility V1.0.0.7 can format and repair Toshiba TNU-A064G 64 GB USB flash drive .

Toshiba TransMemory  Model TNU-A064G

Toshiba TNU-A064G format utility V1.0.0.7 is designed to format and repair any corrupted flash drive with TNU-A064G Model .Toshiba transmemory 64 GB format tool can fix Toshiba TNU 64 GB pen drive .

Toshiba format utility V1.0.0.7 can repair only Toshiba flash disk with the following models "TNU-A064G  and V3O-064GT " So please don't try to use this software with different USB flash brands .

To determine your flash drive information , please read this articles first " Chip genius software or USB Deview V2.30 utility Please Read this article to know how to extract your flash drive information "How to repair corrupted flash disk " .

How to format Toshiba TNU 64GB USB flash drive ?

Toshiba TNU-A064G format utility V1.0.0.7

To repair or format corrupted Toshiba TNU 64GB USB drives , please follow these steps :

  • Download Toshiba transmemory 64 GB format tool from the links below .
  • Insert corrupted Toshiba 64GB USB flash disk to your PC .
  • Open Toshiba format utility V1.0.0.7 .
  • Click Format to begin formatting process .
  • Wait until finish formatting .

If this software doesn't work with your flash drive ,go to the second solution "remove the case of the flash drive and write in a comment the details that exist on the chip controller of flash drive board and i will try to find the best firmware for you .

You can try this solution also , please read the following articles :

Download Toshiba TNU-A064G usb formatter

Toshiba TNU-A064G USB formatter

Download Info 
                                          Program Name :  Toshiba format utility V1.0.0.7
  Program Version : V1.0.0.7
Program Size :64 KB
 Os : Windows XP, Vista,7,8
License : free 

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  1. Please help with the below product and reply on

    Description: [F:]USB Mass Storage Device(TOSHIBA TransMemory)
    Device Type: Mass Storage Device

    Protocal Version: USB 2.00
    Current Speed: Full Speed
    Max Current: 200mA

    USB Device ID: VID = 0930 PID = 6544
    Serial Number: 75E0FF6FE3ABCE4045ACCB52

    Device Vendor: TOSHIBA
    Device Name: TransMemory
    Device Revision: 0100

    Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
    Product Model: TransMemory
    Product Revision: 1.00

    Controller Vendor: Solid State Systems
    Controller Part-Number: TC58NC6623/SSS6698-BA
    Flash ID code: 98DE9493 - Toshiba TC58NVG6DDJTA00 - 1CE/Single Channel [MLC-16K] -> Total Capacity = 8GB

    Tools on web:

    Possible Flash Part-Number
    [1CE]TC58NVG6DDJTA00(19nm) x 1 pcs/Channel x 1 Channel

    Flash ID mapping table
    [Channel 0] [Channel 1]
    98DE94937657 --------
    -------- --------
    -------- --------
    -------- --------