PNY 32GB USB recovery software

PNY 32GB USB recovery software

Download PNY 32GB USB Drive recovery Software .If you have corrupted PNY Flash drive 32GB ,Fix it now with PNY Format tool .Download PNY 32 GB recovery tool .

An PNY USB flash Drive Repair Experiment

Hello My friends , today i will explain to you how to repair a corrupted PNY flash drive .Before 4 days ago a friend of  send a message to me and asking for help him to repair PNY 32 GB flash drive .Our friend name is Pierre and he send to me the chip genius report for his PNY flash drive .PNY 32 GB flash drive chip vendor was "Alcor Micro SC908SN/AU6989SN " .

In the begging of our PNY repairing steps we try all possible firmware for this chip vendor but no result so i tell him to remove the Plastic cover of PNY 32 GB flash drive and ask him to give me the information written on the Chip controller and it was so different "Alcor Micro AU6998SN " .We try all Alcor Micro AU6998 Firmware until it was fixed .Read the all Repair process information that happened between  Mr Pierre and Me .

The First Message from Pierre that give Chip genius report of his PNY flash drive :
Message 1
PNY 32GB USB recovery software

Many thanks for your very informative arcticles! I have pretty much tried all sorts of stuff to fix my corrupted drive, it can't be seen in windows or opened in DOS.

So i tried the chipgenius and it gives me my details, but i still cannot find the tool to use on it, many sites i saw are like russian but even with translation i can't find it, some chinese sites claim they got the tools but infact is a spamware/virus.

So i guess my last hope is to contact you directly and see if u can help me on it, my drive info from chipgenius is:

Chip Genius report of PNY 32 GB USB stick

Description: [F:]USB Mass Storage Device(Generic USB Flash Disk)
Device Type:        Mass Storage Device
Protocol Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 100mA
USB Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 1234
Device Vendor: Alcor Micro
Device Name: Mass Storage Device
Device Revision: 0001
Manufacturer: Generic
Product Model: USB Flash Disk
Product Revision: 7.76
Controller Vendor: Alcor Micro
Controller Part-Number: SC908SN/AU6989SN - F/W 9505

Flash ID code:      8984643C - Intel - 2CE/Single Channel [MLC] -> Total Capacity = 32GB

The casing of the drive is black and is branded PNY.It is not a fake/flash drive as i have used the full amount of memory in it, 32gb and it worked fine, but one day i pulled the drive out whilst it was active and now i cannot access to use it again.

Hope you can help me as i actually threw the drive in the bin then i came across your article, hope i won't need to throw it in the bin again forever! ;)
Many thanks

Removing the Cover of PNY 32GB flash drive

Message 2 : After Removing The cover of the PNY 32 GB flash disk

PNY 32GB USB recovery software
OK cool i managed to take/break away the casing and access the chip, on the circuit board it says its PNY brand,on the small chip it says:

Alcor Micro

i have also attached you a pic of it.

Successful PNY32GB Format Process

PNY 32 GB Format Process Succeeded

 Message 3 : After Successful PNY 32 GB format Process

PNY 32GB USB recovery software
OK, i tried the all of the downloads and then the last one, it seemed to have recognized the usb drive, then i started the format, after 1hr.47 it finished, i unplugged and replugged it in, then clicked into the drive, i didn't get any 'please insert disk in drive etc' and i renamed it fine, and copied stuff into it, its worked!

and even after the format it gives more space back, it showed 31.2gbs from a 32gb drive, i fink when i got the drive it showed usually 29gbs, so using mass production tool give more space back, great!

wow amazing, i can't believe it! lol thank you so much man, you are amazing!!!

after the mp tool was used it showed the results, there is a big letter of C in the right side of the box, what does that mean? (i have attached pic) .and lastly the usb case is broken as i had break open to check the chip info, any suggestion wot to cover /protect it?
thanks again man!!! :D
  • To Download PNY 32GB USB recovery software ,choose one server to download .
  • Try all PNY Format tools and let PNY recovery tool in the last "Alcor MP v13.06.09.00 Hynix20nm Toshiba Sandisk " .
  • Read this article also will help you "Best USB flash drive repair software " .
  • If you want me repair your corrupted USB flash drive like Mr Pierre , Contact me from here "Contact me " and send all details of your USB flash drive with chip genius report .

Download PNY Format tool

 Download  PNY 32GB USB recovery software

PNY 32GB format tool Download 


  1. Cool, very nice article, am glad that it worked and once again can use the drive again, never say never to a dead corrupted drive!

    Thanks again!


  2. It worked.


  3. Thanks a lot you helped me fix my flash drive, here's the results

  4. I have a hp v270w 4GB pen drive. it doesn't detect by any device and any SW. when I pluged it in nothing happen even no sound.

  5. Hi! i really preciate your help. My pny 16gb pend drive stopped working and windows would not recognize it.
    This is the info displayed in chip genius

    Protocal Version: USB 2.00
    Current Speed: High Speed
    Max Current: 100mA

    USB Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 1234

    Device Vendor: Alcor Micro
    Device Name: Mass Storage Device
    Device Revision: 0001

    Manufacturer: Generic
    Product Model: USB Flash Disk
    Product Revision: 7.76

    Chip Vendor: Alcor Micro
    Chip Part-Number: Unknown(??) - 0xE602 - F/W 8509
    Flash ID Code: 8988244B - Intel - 2CE/Single Channel [MLC-8K] -> Total Capacity = 16GB

    I´ve tried the tools on the dowload pack, the first one recognized it once but now it seems invisible to it.

    The DieSort tool recognize it and after the analysis this is the report
    Device Index: 1

    ECC_00 [ 16] ECC_01 [ 0] ECC_02 [ 0]
    ECC_03 [ 0] ECC_04 [ 0] ECC_05 [ 0]
    ECC_06 [ 0] ECC_07 [ 0] ECC_08 [ 0]
    ECC_09 [ 0] ECC_10 [ 0] ECC_11 [ 0]
    ECC_12 [ 0] ECC_13 [ 0] ECC_14 [ 0]
    ECC_15 [ 0] ECC_16 [ 0] ECC_17 [ 0]
    ECC_18 [ 0] ECC_19 [ 0] ECC_20 [ 0]
    ECC_21 [ 0] ECC>21 [ 0] Bad Block 0/16

    Finally, the last tool recognize it but but the sort stage of the alalysis come to 61.1% the application crashes and windows closes it.

    Is my pend drive busted or am i doing something wrong?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. *EDIT spelling mistakes
      Finally, the last tool recognizes it but when the sort stage of the analysis comes to 61.1% the application crashes and windows closes it.

  6. I have the same PNY 32GB usb stick and I took out my stick at not the best time as guy Pierre did. In the process of me trying to fix the problem, when I put the usb stick in, it recognizes it as the "E: drive" but when I click on it, it says to "insert a disk into drive E" and when I try to reformat it, it says "there is no disk in drive E. Insert a disk and try again". I can access properties and info says there is nothing on it. I have tried so many different things but they haven't worked, just like Pierre tried to do. However, when I did the ChipGenius it came up for chip part number as "Unknown(??) - 0xE50B - F/W 9505". Could his chip number work for mine even though mine came up as unknown? Also, I saw the advice you gave him was to reformat it, would that prevent me from retrieving the information on my usb stick later? I did go to your links at the bottom and downloaded the pny reformat and recovery software, but the software wouldn't initiate when I clicked on them - they only flashed for a second, and thats it. Do you know what the problem might be? Thanks.