How to use h2testw for testing fake usb flash drives ?

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How to use h2testw for testing fake usb flash drives ?
Download H2testw v1.4 software to test fake USB flash disks .H2testw v1.4 can detect the original capacity of your Fake USB pen drive .

H2testw V1.4 software

H2testw v1.4 software is designed to detect the real capacity of USB flash disk or SD memory cards .If you bought a fake usb flash disk or sd card so with H2testw 1.4 you can determine your flash disk is original or fake .Sometimes you buy USB flash disks or SD cards from the internet from Websites like Ali papa ,Ebay , Amazon or any related websites .In this website there are people that sell some fake USB flash disks as original with very low price .

Sometimes you become a victim of these sellers .Most of Fake USB flash disks or SD cards comes from China .As example you bought a 128 GB USB flash disk but when you try to copy 128GB data on it ,there will be error message because this is a fake USB flash disk and the real capacity of that flash maybe 32GB or 16GB . 

H2testw 1.4 tool comes with two language interfaces "German and English " .H2testw 1.4 can scan any storage device and gives you the result of the real capacity of that device .

How to use H2testw V1.4 software ?

H2testw V1.4 software

To learn how to use H2testw utility , please follow the instructions below :
  • First Download H2testw v1.4 tool from the links below .
  • Insert your Fake USB flash disk or SD card to your PC .
  • Run H2testw As administrator .
  • Choose English language as we explained on previous picture .
  • Click Select Target and choose Your Fake USB Pen drive .
  • Click on All Available Space .
  • Click on Write + Verify 
  • Wait until finish detecting and scanning the actual capacity of your Fake USB flash disk .

Important Software for fixing Fake USB flash disks and Memory cards 

To learn how to repair fake USB flash disks and Fake SD cards , please read this article " How to repair Fake USB flash disk with MyDiskFix  "- update 29/12/2016

Download H2testw v1.4 software

H2testw v1.4 software

Download Info 
                                            Program Name :  H2testw utility  
  Program Version : V1.4
Program Size :227 KB
 Os : Windows XP, Vista,7,8,10
License : free 

Download Link
   Please select one server to download
 Download H2testw utility v1.4  -MediaFire1

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