Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to reformat Phison PS2251-60 chip controller

reformat Phison PS2251-60 chip controller
If you have a corrupted Phison flash drive and you have format errors with it ,Learn how to format and repair Phison PS2251-60 USB stick .Download PS2251-60 format software and repair your flash drive now free.

Phison PS2251-60 chip controller Recovery

Hello guys , today we will explain how to repair and recover corrupted Phison Chip controller with Chip vendor PS2251-60 .Phison PS2251-60 format tools are designed to recover corrupted Phison PS2251-60 chip vendor and reset settings to factory default .You must be sure that your flash drive chip vendor is PS2251-60 by using Chipgenius software or USBDeview V2.30 utility.
Phison PS2251-60 recovery software can fix flash format errors such as write protection ,Insert Disk error message ,Windows unable to format disk and other format issues .The format software used to fix Phison PS2251-60 are :

BUFFALO Low Level Formatter v2.9.0.4
Phison Format & Restore v3.13.0.0
Phison Low Level Format Utility
Phison Low Level Formatter
Phison MPALL v3.16

If your chip genius report doesn't show your Chip controller  or chip vendor you must remove the cover of your usb stick and write the information written on the small Processor like in the shown picture .Sometimes Chip genius report define PS2251-60 as UP20 = PS2260 = PS2251-60 all is the same .

How to update Phison PS2251-60 flash firmware ?

 Phison PS2251-60 formatter
How to reformat Phison PS2251-60 chip controller

  • Download Phison PS2251-60 format tools.rar from download links below .
  • Insert corrupted Phison flash disk to your Computer .
  • Extract zipped folder and open PS2251-60 recovery tools one by one .Try every software in that folder until fix your flash drive .
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Phison PS2251-60 format tools.rar

If this software doesn't work with your flash drive ,go to the second solution "remove the case of the flash drive and write in a comment the details that exist on the chip controller of flash drive board and i will try to find the best firmware for you .
You can try this solution also , please read the following articles :

Phison PS2251-60 recovery software

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OS :Windows xp,vista,7 
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  1. hi .. i have problem with my phison chip..that i accidently flash the wrong firmware and now it wont detect. do you know how to fix this.. or it cant be fix