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10 Best Memory Card Format software

10 Best Memory Card Format software
How to repair corrupted memory card .Download best memory card format software for SD,SDHC and SDXC .Format your damaged Micro SD cards.

Best Memory Card Format Software

Most of us suffer from Memory card problems such as Formatting problems ,Write Protected Memory card problem ,Unrecognized Memory card  and Raw memory card .For Write protected memory card problem , you must be sure that the memory card slider not locked , if locked so you can't copy or remove files from memory card "Write Protected Issue ". To repair any corrupted memory card , try to use the following memory card software .

1- HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool can  format any Memory card or  USB flash drive.HP USB Disk Storage Format utility support formatting with  FAT, FAT32, or NTFS partition types.

Hp Format tool can format and repair the following  Compact Flash, CF Card II, Memory Stick Duo Pro, SDHC, SDXC, Thumb Drive and  Pen Drive .

For Download HP Disk Format Tool and learn how to use , visit this article
 HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

2- MMC Format Tool

MMC Format Tool
MMC Format tool allows format any corrupted Memory card .Insert your memory card on a card reader then to computer then format your SD card.

For downloading MMC Format Utility and how to use it , please read this article 
MMC Format tool

3- Panasonic SD Format Tool

Panasonic SD Format Tool
Panasonic SD Format Tool allows format any corrupted Panasonic Memory card  2GB,4GB,....,256GB.First download Panasonic SD Format utility and install the software on your PC then  connect an SDXC-compatible device to the personal computer via USB,then format memory card.

In particular, if you would like to use the card directly in a personal computer's card slot, be sure to check the information provided by the manufacturer of the PC first, and follow the instructions given

To Download Panasonic Memory card Formatter , Please visit this article
Panasonic SD formatter

4- Urescue Format tool

Urescue Format tool
Urescue Format Tool allows to format any USB flash Drives or SD cards .Urescue format utility can repair USB flash disk and restore factory settings .

Urescue support formatting USB sticks that have the following Chip vendor UT161,UT165 and IT1167 controllers .

To Download Urescue formatter and learn how to use it , please visit this article
Urescue format tool 2013

5-Any Drive Formatter Tool

Any Drive Formatter Tool
Any Drive Formatter is freeware format software. Any Drive Format utility software can  detect USB drives on your system and gives you the ability  to format it. 

Any Drive Format tool support repairing and formatting SD card,USB pen drives ,External hard disks and Removable disks .This software support formatting with FAT / FAT32 /NTFS file system. 

Any Drive Formatter Software repair USB removable disks formatting problems such as "write protection ,Windows unable to format memory card ,raw file system and more problems .

To download Any Drive Formatter Software and lean how to format USB flash drives and memory cards , please read this article ,

Any Drive formatter software

6-MMC Media Format Utility

MMC Media Format Utility
MMC Media Format Tool can repair any damaged or corrupted Memory card .MMC Media Formatter can detect your card automatically .

Download MMC Media Format Utility to your computer and insert your memory card to your PC then format your Micro SD card .

To Download MMC Media Formatter utility and learn how to repair any Corrupted micro SD card ,please read this article .

MMC Media Format tool

7-Low Level Format Tool

Low Level Format Tool
HDD Low Level Format tool can repair HDD , External HDD, USB flash drives ,Micro SD cards and more removable devices .

HDD LLF "low level format " is one of the most strongest free format software .

HDD Low level formatter support a lot of many operation systems such as MS Windows XP, Vista x32/x64, 7 x32/x64, Server 2003, 2008 and 2008R2 .

To download HDD low level format tool and how to use it , please visit this article 
HDD low level format tool

8-Check Flash Format Tool

Check Flash Format Tool
Check Flash Format Tool allows you to format and scan your corrupted USB flash disk or Memory card .Check Flash Format utility can scan bad sectors and block it .

Check Flash Formatter can provide you with information regarding the speed that is achieved by the device in reading and writing operations.

To download Check Flash Format tool 1.16.1 , please visit this article 

Check Flash formatter tool

9-USB Show Software

USB Show Software
USB Show software can used to show the hidden files and folders in your memory card or USB flash drives .

USB Show supports a lot of files formats such as photos , music,videos,documents and compresses files

To Download USB Show Recovery  and restore your hidden files and folders tutorial , please read this article

USB Show recovery of hidden files

10-Fix Unreadable File Directory software

Fix Unreadable File Directory software
Do you suffer from this error message " File or directory is corrupted and unreadable " in windows xp or windows 7 .You can't access to your usb flash drive or your hard disk partitions

Download this tool and learn how to use it , please read this article 

how to fix File or directory is corrupted and unreadable error

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  1. All memory card recovery software is quite good. The MMC Format tool is very good to use. It recovers the memory card very effectively. HDD Low Level Format tool is good for USB storage device. It is very user friendly. Physical damage of the card needs expert technician and lab to uncover and rectify the error.

  2. Hi bro..
    my memory card gets formated but when i store any data on that...All THE DATA gets automatically converted to MP3 format for which
    all my mp3 songs are getting mixed up like a DJ song...What is the problem to it?

    Actually this happened after When i removed the memory card while i was transfering Data from computer to it..From the next time i store any data the problem has occured...

    Please give me a solution for it..Always waiting for your solution..

    1. Really i don't know , but try to use it on another PC and see if still mp3 or being normal data

  3. hello admin...i am waiting for the solution..????

  4. After i installed Windows 10 IoT for my Raspberry Pi 2, i wanted to remove all created partitions, but windows 7 could not managed them " An error that occured, reboot your computer and try again".

    The seventh software, cleared all partitions in one second and now, my SD card is fully working.

    Thanks for this post where i discovered this tool.

  5. I tried the 5th tool you mention to fix my USB flash drive which can't be formatted by Windows. It works. Thanks!

  6. my 8gb Micro SD mobile memory card just 100 mb data play anything. but more data not play. plez hlep me

  7. None of these tools, the council could not deal with my case of lack of access to miniSDHC Toshiba 16GB. Sometimes you have to give up and go to the shop for a new one.

  8. Card fromat ni ho raha koi software btao jas sa fromat ho jay

  9. Thank you very much for this article! You helped me a lot. Three days ago my memory card crashed. But yestarday i followed all your steps and i recovered my photos :) Aslo, when i was searching for help in the Internet, I found this interesting topic. Maybe it can be useful for you, too:

  10. Hello I have Hi-tech 32gb Class 10 Memory Card. I have used all your 10 methods enlisted above. Need help what to do now. I am unable to format my memory card, even unable to use it.

  11. how can I repair my mini sd if it can not be recognized eventhout it is inserted.

  12. I'm looking for win7 or 10 raw sd card block reader/writer. No FS stuff. I'm writing an sd card driver for my own RTOS and need to see what's on my cards. Does anybody know of such?

  13. hello..
    i have a problem, with an usb drive.. and it's sooo annoyng. i have tried a lot of tutorials, but none of them works.
    it's an 8 gb stick, that connects to windows, but i cannot acces it.
    windows won't format it, in cmd also won't work, it comes with error when formating step.
    i have tried all.. and i think it's somehow locked, or so.. because windows shows all details, that it's 8 gb, gives disk nr when cmd shows partition, and all, i can go all stept with partition clean, create primary partition..but when formating, shows error.
    can you help me with this please?
    the only info that i got so far,,is this:
    Description: USB Mass Storage Device(General USB Flash Disk)
    Device Type: Mass Storage Device

    Protocal Version: USB 2.00
    Current Speed: High Speed
    Max Current: 100mA

    USB Device ID: VID = 8644 PID = 8003
    Serial Number: 05203300000004AC

    Device Vendor: General
    Device Name: USB Flash Disk
    Device Revision: 0100

    Manufacturer: General
    Product Model: USB Flash Disk
    Product Revision: 1.00

    Controller Vendor: Appotech
    Controller Part-Number: DM8233 - F/W 1.01
    Flash ID code: ECDE98DE - Samsung K9ACGD8U0B - 1CE/Single Channel [TLC-8K] -> Total Capacity = 8GB

    Tools on web: - F/W 1.01

    Possible Flash Part-Number
    [1CE]K9ACGD8U0B x 1 pcs/Channel x 1 Channel

    Flash ID mapping table
    [Channel 0] [Channel 1]
    ECDE98DE94C5 --------
    -------- --------
    -------- --------
    -------- --------
    what can i do to fix it?
    can you email me please at
    thank you very much..

  14. mere memory card mein 3gb se uper ki file h jo baar bar delete karne k baad bhi wapas aa jati h or memory card format bhi nhi ho rha there any solution..