how to test and fix your corrupted usb flash drive

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Check Flash ,test and detect bad sector in USB flash memory

Do you need to test and detect bad sector in USB flash drive .Do you want to fix your corrupted usb flash drive ,then follow these steps .

check flash 1.16.1

Our program today is Check Flash version 1.16.1.It's function is to test corrupted usb flash sectors  for Windows-based computers.It's developed by Cherkes Mihail.

Check Flash 1.16.1 supply a very useful tool for your corrupted USB flash-drive checking. You can check the read/write speed of flash device, edit partition info, save and restore full drive and partition images beside MBR. You can perform a full drive or partition cleaning and testing at the highest with high speed.

How to use check flash 1.16.1?

First you must download check flash 1.16.1 from link in the bottom of article ,then extract the program , then open check flash 1.16.1 .Now plug in your corrupted usb flash drive to your follow the instruction within the following pictures .
test and detect bad sector in USB flash memory-fix your corrupted usb flash drive

Caution : Before you start checking your flash you must take backup of your flash .The program can also be too risky for losing any files on your flash drives, so users are advised to create a back up before performing full erasure and testing.

Very Important Notes
The following way will repair your flash drive , but if we update the firmware we will lose the data inside the flash disk so be sure first that you don't need the data files on your disk before formatting .

For who lives in USA 
I recommend  sertdatarecovery Data recovery company to recover your important data safely , you can visit them by clicking on the next picture .

To make backup to your usb flash drive files , read this article 

How to automatically backup usb flash drive ?

1- choose the option : As logical drive (NT - based systems only ) .
2- Press refresh and choose your flash from the menu .
3- Action type : Choose Write and read test with the first option below ( Small pattern set ) .
4- Press Start to begin checking your corrupted usb flash sectors .

test and detect bad sector in USB flash memory

Now let's download Check Flash program

If this software doesn't work with your flash drive ,Also i recommend this article to read it , it will help you "
Download info

Program Name : Check Flash

Program Version : 1.16.1
Os : Windows
License : Free

About ME

I'm Ashraf Mansour From Egypt ,a Communication Engineer .This Site was created to help you to repair your corrupted USB flash drives so please help us and share with your friends

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  1. I tried to use the app but it would not read the USB-It says that the device is not ready. Any help for this?


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