Thursday, September 25, 2014

Download AlcorMP UFD v6.21 to fix corrupted AU6981- AU6982 -AU6983 Chip

AlcorMP UFD v6.21
Repair corrupted Alcor USB flash drives that have AU6981, AU6982 and AU6983 chip controller .AlcorMP UFD v6.21 can format and fix alcor flash disk that have format errors such as write protection problem .

AlcorMP UFD v6.21 flash drive format software

AlcorMP UFD v6.21 is designed to fix corrupted or unrecognized Alcor USB flash drives that have format problems .AlcorMP UFD v6.21 support reformat the following alcor chip controllers :
  • Alcor AU6981
  • Alcor AU6982
  • Alcor AU6983
AlcorMP UFD v6.21 format software can update alcor flash firmware and restore factory settings .AlcorMP UFD v6.21.exe support only the chip controller that we mentioned before so please don't use it with other flash drive chip controller .To know your flash drive chip vendor ,You can use Chipgenius software or USBDeview V2.30 utility to determine flash drive information easily.

how can update flash drive firmware ?

Download AlcorMP UFD v6.21 to fix corrupted AU6981- AU6982 -AU6983 Chip
  • Download  AlcorMP UFD v6.21 software from download links below .
  • Insert corrupted Alcor usb flash disk to your PC .
  • Open alcormp ufd_v6.21.exe and if your flash drive chip vendor is one of the following "AU6981, AU6982 or AU6983 chip controller so your flash drive information will appear on the software interface .
  • Click Auto (A) to start updating flash firmware .
  •  Wait until finish updating your flash drive firmware .
If this software doesn't work with your flash drive ,go to the second solution "remove the case of the flash drive and write in a comment the details that exist on the chip controller of flash drive board and i will try to find the best firmware for you .
You can try this solution also , please read the following articles :

AlcorMP UFD v6.21 recovery software

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