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How to recover corrupted Phison PS2251-33 USB 3.0 Flash disk

How to recover corrupted Phison PS2251-33 USB 3.0 Flash disk
Learn how to fix corrupted Phison USB3.0 Flash drives .Download Phison PS2251-33 Format tools and repair Phison PS2251-33 ,PS2233 and Phison UP16 flash disk .

Phison PS2251-33 USB Flash disk format tools

Hello guys , Today we will explain how to repair corrupted Phison PS2251-33 chip controller .If you have a corrupted Phison USB flash disk and have format problems like Write protection problem ,windows unable to format disk , insert disk message and more format errors so you must update your flash drive firmware .

Format software that we will use to repair "Phison PS2251-33,Phison PS2233 ,Phison UP16 " is the following recovery software :
  1. BUFFALO Low Level Formatter
  2. Phison Format & Restore 
  3. Phison Low Level Format Utility (Preformat) 
  4. Phison Low Level Formatter
  5. Phison MPALL
  6. Phison USB Mass Production Tool PS223x
This Format software can help you to format and repair Phison PS2251-33 Chip controller .You must be sure that your flash drive chip controller is one of "Phison PS2251-33,Phison PS2233,Phison UP16 ".You can use Chip genius report software or USBDeview V2.30 utility to determine flash drive information easily.To learn how to fix phison PS2233 usb flash drives ,please follow the next flash drive repair tips :
How to recover corrupted Phison PS2251-33 USB 3.0 Flash disk
  • Download Phison PS2251-33 format tools from the download links in the bottom of this article .
  • Insert your corrupted Phison UP16 to your computer .
  • Extract phison ps2233 format and try every software until you fix your flash drive .
 If this software doesn't work with your flash drive ,go to the second solution "remove the case of the flash drive and write in a comment the details that exist on the chip controller of flash drive board and i will try to find the best firmware for you .

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Download Phison PS2251-33 format software

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  1. Dear sir
    i'm having a problem with my pen drive while updating the firmware of my pen drive electricity
    went off
    when it came back i reconnected the pen drive to my pc
    but the pc was/is unable to detect the device...
    What do i do now please help me brother,
    you're my 1st n final hope thanks in advance..

  2. I try many times to re-flash or formatting (Kingston DT100 G3 16GB) with this firmware with out any result .. except losing whole default firmware and totally disappear from windows or any formatting tools.
    Can you solve this problem ?

  3. Hi mi usb pendrive is a toshiba transmemory mx 64 gb.
    TC58NC2303G5T SS2F41CB 1311UT TAIWAN

    toshiba UY8235
    TAIWAN 13289AE