ChipGenius v4.19.0319

ChipGenius- v4.19.0319-flash-drive-repair

ChipGenius software 2019 is a free application created to help people to extract information about their USB flash drive  devices. To find out  all important details they need to repair broken or corrupted  flash drives. Download ChipGenius v4.19.0319  2019 software and fix your unrecognized flash drive.

ChipGenius V4.19 software Features 

ChipGenius v4.19.0319 software is a portable application that help you to determine the requested details for your flash drive so you can find the suitable flash drive firmware and repair your USB drive.
ChipGenius 2019 utility no need to setup , it's portable just download it and connect your broken flash disk and automatically chip genius v4.19 will identify your flash disk information.Chipgenius tool will check all device information such as VID number ( Flash vendor ID) , PID ( flash product number . ChipGenius 2019 software will show flash disk model,manufacturer,vendor and chip model.
You can use Chip genius v4.19 with all storage devices such as USB flash drives, Memory cards,external HDD and more.You can copy broken flash drive information and start search about it's original firmware.

Here is the older versions of ChipGenius software , you can download and use it if you like:

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Download ChipGenius 4.19.0319 2019 Portable Software  

ChipGenius 4.19.0319

Download Info 
Program Name : Chip Genius
Program Version :  V4.19.0319  2019
Software size : 0.57MB
License : freeware 

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  1. Best software to recover. Thanks for the download link

  2. It's good to use in terms of the simple UI but it needs a language adjustment due to the language barrier when correcting the actual capacity of the target USB device.

  3. Thanks for this valuable information

  4. love you im paakistan and raply

  5. Hello to the owner of this site. Could you list all brands and model of all USB that support flashing the firmware even though/when it became write-protected? I'm still searching USB brands before buying another again. Thank you!

  6. Does ChipGenius supports sd cards?