Thursday, September 7, 2017

AlcorMP V16

AlcorMP V16
Download AlcorMP v16.02.19 software and repair corrupted Alcor chip controller .Alcor MP v16 can fix chip model AU6989SN-GT/GTA/GTB 89SNL-B 89SNL .

AlcorMP V16.02.19

AlcorMP V16.02.19 is an alcor usb repair tool that can fix corrupted ALcor Chip controller.Alcor mp v16 can remove write protected USB flash drive error ,Fix unrecognized alcor flash disk ,correct the capacity of 0MB or 8MB or 15MB USB stick and many format errors .

AlcorMP v16 format tool support the following Alcor chip controllers :
  1. AU6989SN-GT/GTA/GTB 89SNL-B 89SNL .

Please don't use Alcor MP v16 with unsupported chip controller  because every chip controller has a different firmware update tool .
To use AlcorMP v16 firmware update utility , you must be sure that your USB flash disk chip controller is one of the supported chip models .To determine your flash drive information , please Download ChipGenius software from here "ChipGenius " .

Download AlcorMP V16.02.19 Software

AlcorMP V16 format tool

Download Info 

                                                    Program Name :AlcorMP v16.02.19 software
Program Version : v16.02.19
Program Size :7MB
License : freeware 

Download Link
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 Download AlcorMP v16.02.19 from Mediafire Server 

How to use AlcorMP V16.02.19 Software ?

How to use AlcorMP V16.02.19 Software ?
  1. Download ALCOR_MP_v16.rar from mediafire download links above .
  2. Insert corrupted Alcor AU6989 USB pen drive to your Computer .
  3. The flash disk information will appear on the interface of the Alcor MP v16 recovery tool if the chip controller is one of the supported models .

Warning !!! : All data inside the flash disk will be lost and you can't recover it again ,please Don't interrupt Firmware update process until completed .
  • To start repairing Alcor chip controller click "Start " .
  •  Congratulation your USB flash disk firmware  is updated successfully .

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  1. tool has detected my usb but there's no start option that i can click on it and there's message is 30100:No flash in device error ID:FF,FF,FF,FF,FF

  2. Thank you. It helped me. Keep up the good work.