Monday, October 27, 2014

Chipsbank Umptool V1.9.5 for fixing Chipsbank CBM2090E and CBM2091

Chipsbank Umptool V1.9.5 for fixing Chipsbank CBM2090E and CBM2091
Chipsbank UMptool 209x can repair corrupted CBM2090E and CBM2091 chip controllers .Download CBM2090E2091 Umptool V1.9.5 and update Chipsbank CBM2090E and CBM2091 flash firmware .

CBM2090E2091 Umptool V1.9.5 software

CBM2090E2091 Umptool V1.9.5 has been designed for formatting Chips bank chip controllers that have chip part numbers "CBM2090E ,CBM2091" .Chipsbank UMptool 209x software support repairing chips bank format errors such as raw problem ,Write protection error and other format errors .
Chipsbank UMptool CBM209x support reformatting the following chip bank controllers "Chips bank CBM2090E and chips bank CBM2091 ,so please don't use it with another chip controller .You must determine your USB flash disk chip vendor first ,you can use Chip genius software or USBDeview V2.30 utility .

How to repair chips bank CBM2090E2091

Chipsbank Umptool V1.9.5
  • Download CBM2090E2091 Umptool V1.9.5.rar from download links below .
  • Insert corrupted Chips bank flash disk to your computer .
  • Extract CBM2090E2091 Umptool V1.9.5.rar and open Chipsbank UMptool 209x.exe .
  • If your flash controller is supported , you will see flash info appears on the program interface .
  • Click Start to begin updating Chips bank flash firmware .

If this software doesn't work with your flash drive ,go to the second solution "remove the case of the flash drive and write in a comment the details that exist on the chip controller of flash drive board and i will try to find the best firmware for you .
You can try this solution also , please read the following articles :

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Download CBM2090E2091 Umptool V1.9.5

CBM2090E2091 Umptool V1.9.5

Download Info 
Program Name : Chips bank cbm2090E firmware
  Program Version : V1.9.5
Program Size :3.28MB
 Os : Windows XP, Vista,7,8
License : free 

Download Link
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