Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to hide folders with password in USB stick without Programs

Do you want to protect your important files and folders in your computer or USB stick .Learn how to hide and lock files and folder with a password without any software .

How to lock folders in USB flash drive?

How to protect your folders and files on usb drive with password without software ?

Sometimes your computer is used by other like family , friends ,...., etc .Sometimes we need some privacy for our data and files and don't want to be seen by others .Today i will learn you a simple way to do that with a simple Dos code , no need for software and it's trial .We will protect our folders with a password without any software and for ever .This method  you can apply it on both computer with windows xp or windows7 ,8 or USB flash drive .

  • Download the file on the bottom of this article .This text file have the code that we will use in this method .
  • Open a new text document and paste the code on it and put it in the folder that you want to hide and protect.

  • Change this word "ashraf " in the line 23 , this is the password of your folder .
  •  Now Save the text document as " locker.bat " it will be converted to a dos application .
  • Click on this Application Called " Locker " , it will open a dos window .
  •  Write your folder password that we wrote it before when we put the code then press enter .
  • Now Application create another folder it's name "Private ".
  •  Drag and drop all important files on that folder "Private " .

  • Now click on the application again "Locker"  it will open a dos window again and you will see this message "Are you sure you want to lock the folder " now write "Y" from keyboard and click enter .

  •  Now you hide and locked all important folder and files in your PC or USB drive .
  • Every time you want to lock/unlock the folder just click on the application that we made "Locker " .

  •  I hope that you understand how to make your folder hidden with a password without any software .

  • There are free programs do that but we need more simplest like our method .

Download folder lock code

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