Monday, February 17, 2014

Phison PS2251-02 USB Repair tool

Phison PS2251-02 USB Repair tool 
Download Phison PS2251-02 (PS2302 ) USB repair tool .Phison PS2302 Format tool allows to update Phison PS 2251-02 Firmware .Download the USB repair utility and fix your Flash disk .

How to repair Phison PS2251-02 USB Stick

First try to get the chip genius report for your corrupted usb flash disk .Download Chip Genius V4 Software and insert your corrupted Phison USB disk .The Chip vendor must be Phison and Chip part number should be PS2251-02(PS2302).The USB repair software used in this article will be only for Phison PS2251-02(PS2302) .
Chip genius report should be similar to this report :
The most important Parameter is colored with orange color .

Device Type: Mass Storage Device
Protocal Version: USB 3.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 224mA
USB Device ID: VID = 0718 PID = 069C
Serial Number: 07072A58057F5C69
Device Revision: 0100
Chip Vendor: Phison
Chip Part-Number: PS2251-02(PS2302)

Phison PS2251-02 USB flash drive repairing steps

Phison PS2251-01 USB flash drive can be repaired by one of the following software :

Phison PS2251-02 USB Repair tool
  • Phison Low Level Format tool V2.9 or V2.10 .
  • Phison MPALL Update utility V3.33 .
  • Phison PS2302 Firmware Update  tool (Maxell Update Tool).
  • Phison Restore utility .
  • All these programs in one file , Download it from the download links in the end of this article .
  • Insert your Phison PS2251-02 USB stick to your PC and Try every Repairing software that we mentioned before until fix your problem .
Important notes

Download Phison PS2251-02 USB Repair tools

Phison PS2251-02 format tool download 


  1. Hi, could you please help me..
    I have USB stick with Phison 2251-02-q, i am using this program and utility and i tried every firmware and it dont work..
    It gives me error: program burner error 0x1106..

    Please help me

  2. Hello, I have phison 2251-07 can you help me repair my flash drive write protection?