Friday, March 29, 2013

Fix flash disk have new alcor controller

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Most of new usb flash drive have new alcor controller .If you have a problem with flash disk that have new alcor controller ,you must format it with this program.

New software for flash with alcor controller


How to fix usb flash disk that new alcor controller firmware ?

First you must download new alcor tool for repairing usb flash disk that have alcor controller  from the link in the end of the article .
But you will ask me again how i know that my usb flash drive have alcor controller ,i will say to you ,you must read this article to know your flash disk controller

After downloading  new alcor controller software ,extract it then open the file called FC MpTool Plug in your usb flash disk then you will see it recognized in alcor program as shown in the previous picture .Now press Start  to begin updating your alcor controller firmware and repairing your usb flash drive .You must wait until finish updating alcor firmware.Don't plug out your usb flash drive ,it will destroy the flash .After updating alcor firmware now it's new as factory manufacture .Congratulation Bro

Now let's download new alcor controller software 

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Download New alcor controller software

Download Info 
Program Name : alcor  FC Mp Tool
Program Version : 11.07.28
Os : Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, Windows 7 with .NET 3.5
License : Free

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