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How to use PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 ?

PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 is a portable software that can format USB flash drives and make it bootable.Download PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 and learn how to install Windows From a bootable USB flash drive .

PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 software Review

PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 is a free portable Windows software allows users to make USB flash drive bootable and also format it .PeToUSB does not make the device DOS bootable, it makes it 'XP' bootable (ie: the bootstrap code will look for NTLDR).PeToUSB V3 does more than just make a UFD bootable. It will also copy all the required files from a successful BartPE build to the UFD. The all that remains is for you to boot the stick on a system.

PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 Features :
  • Rewrites the MBR code just in case its corrupted.This option can be disabled if desired .
  • On Removable media, the partition is completely rewritten.
  •  View disk information.
  •  Backup/Restore MBR.
  •  Assign drive letters.
  •  Automatic notification of device arrival/removal.
  •  Now supports WinPE builds as well.
PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 tool was successfully tested with SanDisk Cruzer Mini ,PenDrive 2.0 Mini ,PQI iStick 2.0 .

Download PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 Software 2017

PeToUsb V3.0.0.7

Download Info 

                                                    Program Name : PeToUsb V3.0.0.7
Program Version : V3.0.0.7
Software size : 0.20MB
License : freeware 

Download Link
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How to use PeToUsb V3.0.0.7 Software 2017 ?

To make a bootable USB flash drive to install windows ,please follow our instructions guide .

Free petousb software utility
  • Download PeToUsb V3.0.0.7.rar from download links above .
  • Insert your USB flash drive to your computer .

Warning !! : Using Petousb software will erase all data inside USB flash disk so please BACK UP ANY DATA, BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO FORMAT IT! .
  • Extract PeToUSB.exe from it's zip archive and run it.
  • Select USB pendrive from the menu on the software interface .
  •   Mark on these options "Enble Disk Format" ,"Quick Format " .
  • Choose the source location of your Windows files .
  • Click Start .
  • Wait until finish .
  • Congratulation ! you have now a bootable windows UFD .

Bios Boot Options Instructions :

After we made a bootable USB flash disk so to install windows from USB flash disk you must set the bios options first to detect the USB drive .Follow these instructions :
  • Turn on your Computer .
  • Log on to bios setup settings menu by clicking one of the following depend on your computer or laptop brand "F2 - F10 - F12 - Delete " .
  • Go to Bios boot Sequence menu then make the first choice is "USB -HDD " or "USB Storage Device " depend on your computer company settings .
  • Save the bios settings with F10 or any button depend on your motherboard company options .
  • Computer will restart and will begin install windows from your bootable USB flash disk .

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How to make a bootable USB flash drive ?
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