Friday, August 4, 2017

USB Threat Defender v1.0

USB Threat Defender v1.0
Download USB Threat Defender v1.0 and remove Autorun virus from USB flash drive .USB Threat Defender software is the strongest USB antivirus that can detect malware,virus and malicious software .

USB Threat Defender v1.0  Review

USB Threat Defender v1.0 is a USB antivirus software .USB Threat Defender  can remove autorun.inf virus from your pen drive .It can detect viruses missed by other antivirus software .It provides user with maximum protection against any threat tries to attack your operation system via usb flash disk .

 USB Threat Defender v1.0 Features

  •  Fast detection of Autorun.inf virus and delete it automatically .
  • Compatibility with other antivirus software  .
  • Ability to remove threats such as viruses , malware and Malicious software inside usb flash drive .
  • Maximum protection against threats that attack operation systems .
  • Support all operation systems such as Windows 10,Windows 8, Windows 8.1 ,Windows 7,Windows XP ,....,etc .
  • Easy to use .

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Download USB Threat Defender v1.0 Software V6.5.0.0

USB Threat Defender v1.0

Download Info 

                                        Program Name : USB Threat Defender v1.0
  Program Version : V1.0
Program Size :1.23 MB
 OS : Windows XP, Vista,7,8,10
License : freeware 

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