Friday, June 7, 2013

Download Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251

Format corrupted  silicon power usb flash drives with silicon power formatter . Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251 can repair silicon power usb flash drives that have chip vendor ps2251 .Download it now and try it , it's free .

 Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251

Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251 can repair silicon power usb flash drives with chip vendor ps2251 in one minute .Insert corrupted silicon power usb flash drives to your computer .Open  Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251 .If your usb flash drives is supported ,You will see the previous picture .Press format to begin updating usb flash drive firmware .

How i know the flash drive chip vendor ?

to know your flash chip vendor and your flash drive information ,please follow the instruction from this article .

Now Download Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251

Download Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251

Download Info 

Program Name :  Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251

Program Version :v3.7
 Os : Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, Windows 7,mac
License : free 


  1. My problem was solved (write protected problem on USB Flash Drive Toshiba 16 GB)..
    thank you very much... God bless you

    best regard,
    Iya Candria
    Purwakarta - West Java - Indonesia

  2. THANK YOU, my friend, you solved my problem too!!!!
    (disk write-protected on DataTraveler 32GB)


  3. Thanks Ahsraf! Write-Protection problem solved on a Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 (16 GB) :)
    Greetings from Colombia!

  4. thank you toshiba 8GB Write-Protection problem solved (h)

    cheer bro

    1. You are welcome Bro , i hope to follow our website always

  5. Not succes on my Toshiba 16 GB 3.0
    (Raw + Write Protected)

    1. ok my friend give me the chip genius report for your flash drive then we will give u ur software

    2. dear ashraaf i have adata c803 16gb flash drive and i have diffrent prob and i dont know but its quit difrent error
      my flash drive detect but data not show and when i see the data by magic partition application it show the many files whish is not removable i used and try many formating tools but not effect

      i m sending screen shot pls chk this

  6. Thanks you. I use SP silicon Power 16GB. It can my help

  7. so thanks ! it working
    thanks :)

  8. This F*cking program destroyed my 16gb Toshiba USB drive, now it detect my USB drive as silicon power and won't install the driver. For those who want to fix an USB drive, better check your chip vendor or your USB drive will not detected at your OS

    1. My friend if you read the article very well , you will find this >> Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251 can repair silicon power usb flash drives with chip vendor ps2251 > i said Chip vendor PS2251 so this is your fault , but anyway there is a chance to fix , give me your chip genius report first or better to remove the cover of flash and write the information on the small chip

    2. Im sorry for my language i am using above my friend, because im so desperate to fix this problem and also because i just bought this USB drive.... and also i noticed that this is my fault, im sorry brother.
      So, after hours of searching to fix this problem, i found out you can fix this problem :
      1. Download a program named "USBDeview" and search for your unknown device in it
      2. Right click at the device and click the "Open in registery"
      3. Delete the registery for the unknown USB drive
      4. Aaand the silicon power is gone and now replaced to old driver automaticly
      5. After this done you could use llformatter for your chip (for mine that is phison chip)

      I hope this can fix other user problem. Then again i am so sorry for my language above my friend..
      For those who want fix their USB drive, read very very carefully the instruction, and dont forget to check your VID and PID so you get the right tools to fix it

      Thank you My Friend

    3. No problem my friend , but u know most of users doesn't read instructions .You are welcome any time , consider this site is ur's

    4. i had the same problem,
      my flashdisk is toshiba 16gb,
      here chip genius report

      Description: USB Mass Storage Device

      Protocal Version: USB 2.00
      Current Speed: High Speed

      USB Device ID: VID = 13FE PID = 0100

      Device Revision: 0110

      Chip Vendor: phison(??) <- Sorry, can't decide if the information is correct now.
      Chip Part-Number: unknown(???)

      Tools on web:

  9. Drive showing up in ChipGenius as HP Color LaserJet 2800 Series PS(TOSHIBA silicon-power USB Device) and on top it says "Mentor Media" and "Dell" as well as "PA5093L-MD8U"

    I used Silicone power formatter successfully to remove the write protect but it still comes up as 2 drive letters in disk managment, one names f:\SECURE and the other g:\PUBLIC

    here is a screenshot of the DISKPART Volume list

    I want to utilize the whole 8gb drive as 1 drive instead of 2 4gb drives. Yes i know drives are cheap but im just exercising my curiosity. :)

    1. I'm wondering , do you use an application before to partition your flash drive ?? try to go to disk management from your computer then delete the partitions to be a one partition then create a partition or try to format it with this tool >> >> or and tell me the result with u

    2. This is the HP Tool

      This is disk management

      I can only format, not delete volume or partition in disk management.

      This is what it looks like

    3. One thing is this flash drive is connected to a iMac running parallels. Shouldn't matter as it redirects the USB port directly without intervention from the mac environment.

  10. actually my pendrive capacity is reduced to 4mb... By using this software it repair my toshiba 8gb pendrive... when i unplug and plug it, it show again 4mb capacity wat should i do now

    1. So you must open ur pendrive and write to me the info on the chip and i can give u the right software

  11. Port_#0001.Hub_#0001 General USB Flash Disk USB Device Mass Storage Yes Yes No No D:, E: 0000000000000712 18.04.2015 09:11:32 18.04.2015 09:11:32 8644 800b 1.00 08 06 50 USBSTOR @usbstor.inf,%USBSTOR.SvcDesc%;USB Mass Storage Driver USBSTOR.SYS Compatible USB storage device 500 mA 2.00 USB Mass Storage Device 6.3.9600.17331 USB\VID_8644&PID_800B\0000000000000712 Removable, UniqueID, SurpriseRemovalOK

    got this information with usb deview

    Your program said: device not found

    my flash drive has 2 partition, one free and one protected. I would like to delete all and format it so I can use it normally

    I am very afraid to destroy something in my new computer...
    Surface pro 3 - windows 8.1

    thanks for your help


  12. Congratulation Bro My USB is formatted thanks

  13. Can you help me sir?
    Description: [G:]USB Mass Storage Device(SONY Mass storage)
    Device Type: Mass Storage Device

    Protocal Version: USB 2.00
    Current Speed: High Speed
    Max Current: 500mA

    USB Device ID: VID = 0FCE PID = E19B
    Serial Number: 0123456789ABCDEF

    Device Vendor: Android
    Device Name: Android
    Device Revision: 0228

    Manufacturer: SONY
    Product Model: Mass storage
    Product Revision: 0000

    Chip Part-Number: Unknown

    This problem on Android with Device Vendor Sandisk
    Thats cant to mount and write protect or Just read only

  14. Saludos tengo una usb CENTON de 32GB me dice unidad si medio en todas las pc y memoria 0. Quería saber si existe software para repararla o como reactivar su fireware.
    atte. Pedro

  15. USB Device ID: VID = 090C PID = 3000

    Device Vendor: Silicon Motion,Inc.
    Device Name: SM3255AA MEMORY BAR
    Device Revision: 0100

    Product Model: USB MEMORY BAR
    Product Revision: 1000

    Controller Vendor: SMI
    Controller Part-Number: SM3257ENAA - ISP NONE

  16. thanks so much work for me

  17. My 8gb Toshiba USB drive not working after using Silicon power formatter v 3.7 ps2251,
    Help Me please

  18. Hello, I have a problem with my pendrive Kingston DT G4 32GB. I can not format it: I have an error code: "-2". What to do?

  19. Nice Article .... my SP 8gb 3.0 is back. thanks bro !!!!

  20. hi bro i need your help fixing my usb i will give you chipgenius info's
    VID = 13FE PID = 3E00
    Device Name: 2268 PRAM
    Device Revision: 0110
    Product Model: 2268 PRAM
    Product Revision: 1.00
    Controller Vendor: Phison
    Controller Part-Number: PS2251-68(PS2268) - F/W 01.00.10 [2013-02-04]
    Flash ID code: 98DE9892 - Toshiba TC58NVG6T2HTA00 [TLC-8K]

  21. 16gb usb3 PA5080L-MHAS
    Start format the device and get error 002 failed. Device appears as RAW but if try to format it gives me error "device is write protected"
    Please advice, i have already destroyed 3 devices.

  22. I have an error code: "-2". What to do?

  23. can i recover files in my flashdisk after format with this application ???

  24. Well this fixed my issue on " Silicon Power 32GB Blaze B30 USB 3.0 Swivel Flash Drive, Black (SP032GBUF3B30V1K) " Thanks!

  25. Help me to remove "this disk is write-protected" error from i-ball hybrid dual 8gb pen drive
    More info
    Logical drive : G:\ Capacity: 7.4G
    Device ID : VID = 058F PID = 6387
    Device SN : 0CC0B284
    Device version : 8.07

    Device vendor : Generic
    Device model : Flash Disk
    Protocol : USB2.0
    Max power : 200mA

    Partition type : FAT32 Device active : no
    Aligned state : 16 KB, Have been Aligned

    Controller : AlcorMP
    Controller model: AU6983/AU6987HL/SC708/FC8508 Help?
    Flash Vendor : SanDisk, Type: TLC, Single channel
    Flash ID : 45DE9493
    Score : 16 (Normal Score >= 30)
    note: diskpart ,window registry editing and aclormp doesn't work
    thanks in advance

  26. Good job Ashraaf - this works great for Dell write protected drives.

  27. when i run this software and found error code- restore fail, please contect your vendor. error code:-2.

    pls help me.

  28. Saved my Silicon Power Blaze b30 usb 3.0 64gb thumb drive and I really appreciate the info to fix it! My drive was corrupted by a bad format from an attempt to use in a Dish Hopper. Silicon Power formatter 3.7 crashed in Windows 10 after the low level format but it worked and allowed by to format the drive for NTFS.

  29. Fixed my Silicon Power Blaze b30 USB 3.0 645gb thumb drive that was corrupted by a failed format and "write protected." Silicon Power 3.7 crashed after the low level format in Windows 10 but it worked and I was able to format the drive to NTFS after. THANKS!!!

  30. My pendrive is HP

    Protocal Version: USB 2.00
    Current Speed: High Speed
    Max Current: 200mA

    USB Device ID: VID = 03F0 PID = E607
    Serial Number: AA00000000020892

    Device Vendor: HP
    Device Name: v228w
    Device Revision: 1100

    Manufacturer: hp
    Product Model: v228w
    Product Revision: 1100

    Chip Vendor: SMI
    Chip Part-Number: SM3257ENLT - ISP 141015-AA-
    Flash ID Code: ECDE88BF - Samsung - 2CE/Single Channel [TLC] -> Total Capacity = 16GB

    I can't fix this any help??

  31. how to solve device not fond error

  32. Thanks dude!
    HP'nin yolladığı windows 10 yüklü usb cihazda denedim ve snler içinde oldu diğer yöntemlere 30-35dk vakit ayırdığım halde olmamıştı. model numarası: PA5080L-MHAN