Download Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware free

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Download Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware free,kingston g3,3s6692 firmware,How i know the flash drive chip vendor,flash chip vendor ,flash drive information,
Repair corrupted Kingston G3 SSS6692 flash drive in two minutes .Download  Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware free and fix your corrupted usb flash drive .

Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware

Download Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware free,kingston g3,3s6692 firmware,How i know the flash drive chip vendor,flash chip vendor ,flash drive information,

Do you have a corrupted usb flash drive that have 3s6692 chip vendor .Here is the solution to fix and format your usb flash drive .Insert corrupted Kingston G3 flash drive to your computer .Open Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware software and choose the first choice or second choice .After you choose ,you will see the program interface and your flash drive will be shown in slot1.Now press start to begin updating Kingston G3 flash drive firmware .

How i know the flash drive chip vendor ?

to know your flash chip vendor and your flash drive information ,please follow the instruction from this article .

Now Download Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware free


Download Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware free

Download Info 

Program Name : Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware

Program Version :v 2013
 Os : Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, Windows 7,mac
License : free 
Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware
Kingston G3 SSS6692 firmware-Hulkload

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  1. Hi, is there a way to make USB drive write protected? I tried few software, but the USB drive write protected on the particular PC only. when I move to other PC or android it is still writeable. Please advice. really appreciate your assistance on this. thanks in advance

  2. Yes sure Mr Aghielan browse this article section

  3. thanks but I couldn't find any work with my Kingston DTSE9. Please advise.

  4. sir most of the download site does not work. please help.thanks

  5. No all links are works , please download the software after this word in the article "Download Link"

    1. amigo el programa me pide contraseƱa para iniciar saludos soy de venezuela

  6. Aoa Ashraaf Kingston Data traveller 16 Gb G3 give error it is write protected it cannot read nor write...please advise me..details are given below

    Description: [J:]USB Mass Storage Device(Kingston DataTraveler G3)
    Device Type: Mass Storage Device

    Protocal Version: USB 2.00
    Current Speed: High Speed
    Max Current: 200mA

    USB Device ID: VID = 0930 PID = 6545
    Serial Number: F46D0461E35FECC0991B0049

    Device Vendor: Kingston
    Device Name: DataTraveler G3
    Device Revision: 0100

    Manufacturer: Kingston
    Product Model: DataTraveler G3
    Product Revision: PMAP

    Chip Vendor: Phison
    Chip Part-Number: PS2251-67(PS2267) - F/W 07.08.53 [2012-07-12]
    Flash ID Code: 983AA892 - Toshiba [TLC]

    Tools on web:

  7. my 8gb G3 data traveler pen drive is not working by otg in htc 820 and nextus tab.....what to do?

  8. Mi memoria tenia como hardware a kingston g3 datatraveler g3 , pero de repento no se ocurrio ahora el hardware aprarece como 2303 boot rom. Alguna idea? ; para especificar el sitema la reconoce, insta estos drivers de 2303 boot romm pero aparece oculto no como lectura no se puede formatiar por wizard, cmd ni otro modo.


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